A Fresh Start for Conner!

Conner-250wYoung Conner got a rough start in life living on the streets of Flint. Like so many animals, Conner was simply discarded, left to fend for himself, but as you can see from the photo, this poor dog was starving and in need of medical attention. Once in the loving hands of our  staff and the safety of the shelter, life changed for the good! Here is Conner’s story-

“My name is Conner, but a couple of weeks ago I didn’t even have a name. A couple of weeks ago I was living on the streets of Flint, trying to survive all by myself. I’m a young guy, maybe a year old, and living all by myself was very hard on me. Nobody knows what I went through but the bones showing through my skin and the scars on my body tell my story.

Fortunately I was found and brought into an animal control facility in Flint and luckily for me two volunteers from Humane Society of Livingston County were there when I came in. They knew they had to get me to their shelter!

When I came in I only weighed 24 pounds and I should be a healthy weight of 60-70 lbs., but I am getting lots of good food and the medical attention I need. I love all the staff and volunteers here and they are spending a lot of time with me. I know with all the love and compassion I am receiving here that I will get healthy and find my forever home.”

UPDATE: Conner is now adopted!

Conner is just one example of the many animals we help each year. Not getting any type of funding, we rely completely on the kindness of our community. Any contribution you make to help us (donations/supplies/volunteerism) is so greatly appreciated! Learn how you can help>>