Leaf and Huey Adopted! Our Beloved Boys Are Home!

Leaf_and_Huey_2014-1024x683-300We are Leaf and Huey, a very BONDED PURR-FECT PAIR of special boys born around 2007 who are looking for a home where we can stay together!  If you visited our shelter in recent years, you may remember us as two of the resident “lobby cats” greeting visitors or just snuggling up together with some of our other feline friends.  We have been beloved favorites to many staff, volunteers, and visitors, but now it is our time to retire from shelter life and find a loving, forever home of our own!

Leaf and Huey are both very sweet, affectionate boys who enjoy attention from people, but especially enjoy doing everything together! Huey is a big, handsome, short hair black male who is super playful with a very outgoing, dominant personality and big heart!  Leaf is a big, buff and white short hair boy with pale green eyes and super soft fur who is a bit more timid with new people, but very affectionate once he feels comfortable.  They have both been very adaptable to living with selected cats in our busy lobby environment at the shelter, but would prefer a forever home without active, young children or dogs.  They would do best in a home where they can be kept safe indoors with plenty of space to explore, play, watch some wildlife, and cuddle up together in a sunny window or cozy corner.  Together, they will provide companionship and entertainment for each other and for you!

Leaf and Huey are currently in a foster home ready to adopt! If you are ready to give these very special boys a loving, forever home, please contact us by phone or email to speak with one of our adoption counselors and make an appointment to meet them:  517-552-8050 or pets@humane-livingston.org

Huey and Leaf came to us under different circumstances and actually met in our lobby!  Huey was abandoned at our shelter with a group of cats and just never found the right adopter, so our staff adopted and loved him as part of our shelter family.  A year later, Leaf was rescued by a local vet clinic who had to take apart the mechanics of a commercial leaf blower where he had likely crawled in to keep warm and could not get out!

When Leaf arrived at our shelter, he was very timid and too shy with potential adopters, so we put him in our lobby to help socialize him.  When Leaf and Huey first met, it was SO HEARTWARMING to see them bond instantly as if they were long, lost brothers reunited!  Huey seemed to know that Leaf needed a special friend to make him feel safe and learn the ropes of living at the shelter.  In a short time, they became inseparable – playing, grooming, snuggling with each other — a great example of the healing powers of friendship.

Leaf has been able to return the favor to comfort Huey as he recently was recovering from an accident where he lost a leg.  Huey has now recovered and they are both doing GREAT TOGETHER in a loving foster home, ready for adoption! These are two very special boys who deserve a very special home!

UPDATE 11/26/2016:  Leaf and Huey were ADOPTED TOGETHER into a very loving home!