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Dog with sunglasses

Keep Your Pets Cool When the Temps Heat Up!

Summer is upon us and many people are spending more and more time outside. While it’s important for you to keep cool, here are a few tips to keep your pet healthy in the heat, too: • Don’t leave your pet alone in the car. Animals can be affected by heat stroke within minutes. • […]

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frightened dog

Keeping Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

Humane societies and shelters typically take in more strays during the Fourth of July holiday because so many dogs are scared off by fireworks. Because the loud noises can hurt their sensitive ears, frightened dogs may pant, drool, whine and cower at their owners’ feet, retreat to a hiding place, or try to run away […]

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Kitten Season is Here!

“Kitten season” starts in spring, peaks in early summer, and ends in fall. This time of year, our shelter can quickly become overwhelmed with many unwanted and orphaned kittens who will not only need good homes, but require extra medical care and nurturing before they can be adopted. Please help where you can… donate, foster, […]

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Collage of Kato the adopted cat

Kato (aka Clancy) is settling in wonderfully!

Clancy now goes by Kato and is settling into his new home wonderfully. Lauren couldn’t be happier and we are so proud she saved up her money to rescue a kitten. Our experience here was great! Thank you. Michele

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