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Tribute to our Beloved Bonnie

Bonnie came to us in 2007. Like so many of our shelter cats, she was dropped off with only a note telling us… her name is Bonnie, she is 12 years old, please take good care of her. Perhaps her owner was unable to care for her and did not know how to ask for […]

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Dog holding first aid kit

Preparing Your Pet for an Emergency

Every year we are reminded of the potential devastation that a tornado, fire, flood, or other disaster can cause to a home or community and why every family should have a disaster preparedness plan. It’s essential that your pet be a part of that plan too. Among other tips, the American Red Cross suggests that […]

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Logan’s Light Humane Educational Program for Children

Set to launch in March 2017,  The Logan’s Light program educates children about basic animal care and the nurturing principles of empathy and respect towards animals.  HSLC believes by doing so, children will gain the tools needed to become future responsible pet guardians.    The Purpose of the program is to teach safe animal-child interaction through humane […]

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Ring in the New Year with Resolutions for Your Pets!

Tis the season for new beginnings and new resolutions. Because we all want our pets to live their longest life possible, we have a few suggestions to improve your pet’s lifestyle: Be sure your pet is current on vaccinations to prevent illness and keep your pet healthy. Check out our 2017 clinic dates for high […]

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