Above and Beyond

Apache Graduates with Honors and Finds a Home!

We are always so happy to see one of our dogs get adopted. Sometimes the journey to that  forever home from the shelter takes a detour-a happy detour! This was the case with Apache or you many remember him as Dexter when he was here with us. Apache was initially rescued from another shelter, where his chances […]

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A Fresh Start for Conner!

Young Conner got a rough start in life living on the streets of Flint. Like so many animals, Conner was simply discarded, left to fend for himself, but as you can see from the photo, this poor dog was starving and in need of medical attention. Once in the loving hands of our  staff and the safety […]

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Andy when he came in

Tell Us…Are These Sad or Happy Tails?

Some may consider this neglect, others would call it abuse. But, any animal lover finds it hard to understand why someone responsible for a pet could allow things like this to happen. Unfortunately, we see cases like this too often. Thankfully, because of support from our generous donors, we are able to provide the extra, […]

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Stones that dog swallowed

Above and Beyond Belief!

Can you believe these massive stones were removed from the bladder of this little dog? Terry had only been at our shelter a short time when our staff noticed he was having problems. We quickly discovered a “mass” in his bladder and our vet staff performed surgery to remove the massive bladder stones pictured here! […]

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