Clinic Service Updates

World Spay Month-Spay/Neuter Special for February!

Did you know that in one year, an unspayed cat can give birth to 16 kittens, who can go on to reproduce in just four months?  An unspayed dog can give birth up to 12 puppies in a year and both can go back into heat just days after giving birth. Spay/neuter is a proven […]

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Is Your Pet Protected from Heartworm, Fleas and Ticks?

Mosquito and tick season is especially bad in our area this year! The higher number of mosquitoes means a higher risk of heartworm disease for your dogs as well as cats. Plus, fleas and ticks can not only be painful, but also deadly. Fortunately, protecting your pets and family from the dangers of fleas, ticks, […]

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microcip closeup

Microchip: A Decision You Won’t Regret!

The thought of your pet running away is certainly scary, but there’s one thing that can help ease your worries, and that’s micro chipping your pet. In fact, a microchip recently helped us connect a lost pet from Michigan with its owner in Kansas! We offer microchip services to the public for only $20 at […]

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