Update on Diesel

Sometimes a dog comes along that really touches our staffs’ hearts. Diesel is one of those special dogs. Diesel came to us with what appeared to be bladder stones when he was unable to urinate. It turned out what was thought to be bladder stones was actually a sarcoma in the urethra. Even with Dr. Balli’s valiant attempts, it appeared Diesel needed a  facility with specialized surgical equipment to get him through this life-threatening blockage, so we turned to Michigan State Veterinary Hospital. With the initial surgery at $3000, we set up a fundraising website, called GoFundMe raising over $1,000 so far. Many, many thanks to those of you who made a contribution to help with Diesel’s surgery. In order to save Diesel’s life though, he will have to have the large mass removed resulting in an additional $4,000 surgery.

Diesel is now being  fostered by our wonderfully caring vet tech Mitzi Savage and her family until he returns to Michigan State Hospital.  As Mitzi says, “He is a very kind soul and the sweetest dog in the world” (pictured on the left with Mitzi’s blind dog Jason.)
If you have not already, please consider making a donation to Diesel’s surgery at GoFundMe.