Foster Hero – De M. gave our sweet Jeffrey the chance he deserved!

De really stepped up and showed such great compassion and concern to help Jeffrey. We could not have hoped for a more loving foster home for him!

“I feel so blessed being able to foster.   Spending time with these little fur-babies brings such joy into my life.  It is a fulfillment I just can’t put into words.  Whether it’s socializing/caring of feral kittens, an animal that is stressed from being in the shelter, or a sick animal that needs time to heal.   The reward of taking care of a small creature that is depending on you is immeasurable!  I’m so glad I decided to foster — it’s such a wonderful experience!”

~De M.





Foster Story – Jeffrey presented us with a little mystery to solve

From the moment you meet Jeffrey, you know he is a VERY LOVING, gentle, young boy who deserves a great home!

Jeffrey was transferred to the HSLC from another shelter so he would have a better chance at finding a home. From the moment we met him, we knew he was a VERY LOVING, gentle, young boy who deserved a great home, but we did not have any other history about Jeffrey.

Jeffrey seemed to adapt well to being at our shelter as we worked to find him a home. We were very happy when he WAS ADOPTED, but then very surprised when he was returned to us a couple months later — the reason, he was not using his litter box consistently and having frequent “accidents.” We knew there could be many reasons for this, so we started working to determine the cause and help Jeffrey.

Our staff, volunteers, and medical team monitored Jeffrey closely and started initial treatments to rule out basic medical or behavior conditions, but were unable to identify anything specific.  It seemed Jeffrey was TRYING, but did not seem to always have control of his litter box habits.  A stressful environment can often lead to medical and/or behavior problems for animals and since we needed more time to evaluate and help Jeffrey, it was time to find a suitable FOSTER HOME to give him a break from the shelter.

It takes a very special person willing to bring a cat with “litter box issues” into their home, but thankfully, De is one of those VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE! She really stepped up and showed such great compassion and concern for Jeffrey. De is a retired, licensed caregiver for people in the state of Michigan,  so it is a beautiful way to transition her profession and passion by caring for the animals. It was important for De to closely monitor and track Jeffrey’s daily progress as we tried medication to resolve the mystery — thankfully, after just a few days, Jeffrey began to improve! We believe poor Jeffrey had likely been suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) a condition which can usually be controlled with medication and appropriate diet.  We are SO HAPPY to report that Jeffrey has been DOING GREAT and has NOT had any litter box accidents!

Jeffrey has made GREAT PROGRESS and is enjoying the comforts of staying in his foster home while he waits to find a permanent home!  He is one of the most FRIENDLY, LOVING cats you will meet and, now that he is feeling better, he is very PLAYFUL too!  He LOVES to cuddle and will follow you around the house to be near you.  He is getting along fine with a relaxed dog in the home and should be fine with older, relaxed kids. We know there is a VERY LOVING person or family who will welcome this SWEET, GENTLE boy into their heart and home!

Update:  December 2017 – JEFFREY has been ADOPTED!

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