Foster Heroes – Carin and Rick B.


“Fostering a special needs dog like Blossom was eye-opening and humbling. She was not only deaf but also suffered medical and psychological issues and we were grateful for HSLC’s support.

To be part of Blossom’s journey toward a better future was gratifying in ways we will never forget. Blossom absolutely stole our hearts and we couldn’t be happier with the couple who adopted her.” ~ Carin and Rick B.

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Blossom’s Story

As if being born deaf wasn’t already enough of a challenge, our girl Blossom also had a rectal prolapse making her life painfully difficult. This super-sweet one and a half year old lab mix was found one morning on our doorstep in our drop-off cage. Whether she was dropped off by an owner or someone who found her, we will never know but what we did learn was that she was in need of surgery to correct her colon that was extruding into her rectum. Our staff took her to Michigan State to have surgery which turned into two surgeries to correct her situation. When a third surgery was required, Karen Kayzak, our Director of Animal Welfare. drove her over to Portage, Michigan for a specialized procedure called a colopexy .

Blossom finally began to heal and was able to recover in the comfort of the very loving home of our fosters Cairn and Rick. During her time with Cairn and her husband, Blossom not only enjoyed plenty of love and attention, but also took extreme delight in car rides! Cairn said she had a hard time getting her out of the car as she absolutely LOVED to travel the open roads with the wind on her face!

Happy update: Blossom has been adopted into a WONDERFUL, LOVING home!

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