Ralph and Julie with their first foster pet success, beloved Ms. Fluffy

“We had little idea of what would be involved in fostering pets from the HSLC.  It has been a very heart fulfilling experience.  We were guided and supported in the fostering by the outstanding staff and volunteers of the HSLC.  This included holding our hands in comfort as we saw our first foster baby go off to her new, forever home!  We highly recommend fostering through the HSLC for anyone who loves animals.”

~Ralph and Julie B.

First time foster success – Ms. Fluffy!

Ms. Fluffy says THANK YOU to her foster Mom and Dad for giving her the love and time she needed until she could find her forever home!

Ms. Fluffy was surrendered to our shelter when her owner could no longer care for her.  Like many of our pets, she had a very difficult time adjusting to being at the shelter.  Even though our staff and volunteers gave her a lot of extra time and attention to help her settle in, she was very stressed and did not do as well as we knew she could with potential adopter visits.  This is often the point when we reach out to our volunteer foster families to give our adoptable pets a respite from the shelter to learn more about their true personality and type of home they need.

Ralph and Julie had recently signed up to be a foster for us and had exactly the right environment for Ms. Fluffy — a quiet home with no other pets, a little patience, and lots of TLC.  They took things slowly at first to help her feel comfortable in their home and in just a short time, Ms. Fluffy made great progress and showed us what an AMAZING, HAPPY, PLAYFUL girl she could be!  She adjusted quickly to their home, was very well behaved, and bonded with both her foster Mom and Dad following them around the house and just hanging out near them. She also became much more friendly meeting visitors in a home setting which helped make everything go smoothly when her new FOREVER MOM came to meet her and fell in LOVE!

Saying goodbye is never the easy part of fostering, but we all share the joy of being part of each pet’s journey from homeless to foster to forever love! Fluffy is doing great in her new home, and Ralph and Julie, well, they have already started on their next foster success story… Thank you!

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Julie and Ralph have continued to provide an EXCEPTIONAL loving, nurturing, temporary home to help more of our pets who needed a break from the shelter environment.  They have TRULY made a difference in saving the life of each of these pets along their  journey to permanent, adopted homes!

Bert and Ernie are SO GRATEFUL for the EXCEPTIONAL love and care they enjoyed during their foster time with Ralph and Julie until they could be ADOPTED together into a wonderful home!

Beautiful Cami was very stressed at the shelter and only spent a short time in foster care, but it was EXACTLY what she needed to show her TRUE, sweet self and get ADOPTED!

Bonded 8 year old brothers, Boots and Morris are SO HAPPY to be in such a GREAT foster home and READY to find their permanent home! Learn more about them on our web site!


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