Going the Extra Mile- Treating Entropion in Cats

Sweet Kyra was suffering from the pain of entropion when we took her in to our shelter

Sweet, young Kyra was miserable when we took her in from another shelter where they were unable to help her. She was frightened and suffering with pain due to entropion which made her difficult to approach and not likely to be adopted in her current condition.

Entropion is a rare eye condition found in both dogs and cats in which the eye lid turns inward causing irritation, pain and possible infection of the animal’s eye which may lead to decrease or loss of vision. In many cases, surgery is required to relieve the animal of pain and return the eyelid to a normal position. Many other shelters are unable to provide the type of specialized medical care needed for entropion and sadly, will often euthanize the animal.

Kyra is recovering after entropion surgery and doing great at our shelter while she waits for someone special to love and adopt her!

Our mission to “go the extra mile” means we are committed to do everything we can to enable a treatable animal to live a healthy, normal life. We are SO GRATEFUL to our Medical Team led by Dr. Amy who has the expertise to provide this type of specialized care!

Kyra is discovering, perhaps for the first time,  a whole new world without constant pain!

In recent months, we have been able to treat several animals with eye conditions including entropion successfully and give them the chance to live a happy, healthy life!

Kyra is quickly recovering from her eye surgery and discovering, perhaps for the first time in her life, how wonderful the world can be without constant pain! Her disposition and confidence is improving every day and she is showing us what a sweet, loving girl she truly is!

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Bandicoot recovered at our shelter after his successful entropion surgery

Our handsome boy Bandicoot is another entropion surgery success story! We are happy to report “Coot” recovered from his surgery and was adopted into a wonderful, loving home!

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We are SO HAPPY for our boy “Coot” who was adopted into a loving home!