Going the Extra Mile – Treating Eyelid Agenesis

We are SO GRATEFUL when our resources allow us to save an animal like little Uno!

Little Uno and Applesauce were both born with eyelid agenesis, a genetic condition which many shelters would find difficult to treat and, sadly, would euthanize the animal. We are SO GRATEFUL when our resources allow us to step up and take in animals in desperate need.

Eyelid agenesis is a congenital defect in which the eyelid doesn’t form properly during development.  While rare, it is most common in cats, and less common in dogs.  Without the full eyelid, the eye is more exposed to debris from the environment, rubbing, and irritation from hair and eyelashes, all of which leads to pain, discomfort, and damage. Treatment depends on the severity of the condition and may include artificial tear ointment to keep the eyes moist, freezing the hair follicles around the eyelid by cryoepilation, or reconstruction surgery.

We believe every treatable animal like Applesauce deserves the chance for a happy life without pain!

Fortunately, Uno did not require surgery, but little Applesauce was in great distress and needed urgent treatment. We took Applesauce to a specialized, local ophthalmologist who performed cryo surgery to eliminate the hairs near his eyes so they will no longer rub and irritate his corneas. He is now an EXTREMELY HAPPY, young boy able to experience all the JOY of being a kitten, perhaps for the first time in his life without pain!

Little Uno is just closing his eyes in this moment of love and comfort in the arms of his new forever mom!

Treatment options for eyelid agenesis have promising success rates and result in saving lives for highly adoptable animals like Uno and Applesauce!

Our mission to “go the extra mile” means we are committed to do everything we can to enable a treatable animal to live a healthy, normal life. In recent months, we have been able to take in and care for several animals with abnormal eye conditions and give them the chance to live a happy, healthy life!

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Applesauce has recovered from his eye surgery and is doing great!

Update July 16, 2017:  Happy News!  Little Applesauce was adopted into a very loving home together with his friend Pork Chop!  Read more about their special story>>