Help Us Give Cats Like Missy the Chance They Deserve!

Update October 16, 2016 – Missy has found a wonderful home!

Missy is so happy at home!We celebrate EVERY time one of our pets finds a loving home, but especially like to share good news when the journey from homeless to happiness takes an extra special effort.  Missy entered our shelter in a lot of pain and distress from recurring urinary tract infections that had not been treated properly. Many shelters would not have been able to give Missy the chance she deserved, but our staff and volunteers were committed to helping her recover and live life to her fullest potential.  Simple antibiotic treatments and a little time to recover in the comfort of a foster home gave Missy relief from pain and stress to show us what a spunky, affectionate little girl she could be!

Even before she had fully recovered, a very special family contacted us about adopting Missy.  They saw something extra special in Missy and were not discouraged by her medical condition. Their patience and commitment to give Missy the love she deserves has now brought SO MUCH JOY to the hearts of all involved in helping this special girl.  We could not be happier for Missy and her WONDERFUL new family!Missy is such a joy!

Missy cat enjoying her sun porch!Here are just a few comments and favorite photos from her new family… “Missy seems so happy and fits right in with our family – bringing us SUCH joy! Her favorite place to hang out is in the sun room when one of our laps are not available!”
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Help Us Give Cats Like Missy the Chance They Deserve!


This sweet, little girl may not have been given the chance to live had she been taken to another shelter. Missy was surrendered because she frequently was not using her litter box, and did not seem to get along with the other animals in her home. She was in a lot of pain, frightened, and distressed when she arrived, causing her to be unfriendly and difficult to handle. The HSLC staff and volunteers responded quickly to provide Missy with the special love and care she needed, starting with a round of antibiotics to treat her urinary tract infection, as well as a quiet place to settle her anxiety away from other animals as much as possible. Soon she began to feel better and — not to anybody’s surprise – showed her true, loving personality! This ADORABLE, little LOVE BUG won the hearts of all who know her, and is now ready to find the special, loving, forever home she deserves!

We need your help to continue providing this high level of care.

Unfortunately, litter box issues are one of the most common reasons people give up or abandon their cats. This is very sad because so often the problem can be resolved with simple medical treatment, a change in diet, or other ways to modify behavior and reduce stress in the home. Too often, pet owners are unaware, unwilling or unable to provide the level of care needed to keep their pets healthy, and/or learn the options available when they need a little help.

Because Missy’s condition had been going on for quite some time, she required extended treatments of antibiotics. The good news for Missy is that she is responding well, and appears to be healthy and happy! Perhaps, her condition would not have become so difficult to resolve if she was diagnosed and treated sooner. Because of your donations, the HSLC provided the “above and beyond” level of care that pets like Missy need and deserve. One snuggle with Missy and you would know, they are all SO worth it!

The Humane Society of Livingston County’s mission is to do everything possible to educate responsible pet owners about the options available to help keep their pets at home, and provide an alternative to euthanizing or abandoning their pets when faced with no other option; however, funding is limited. The HSLC is an independent, non-profit organization which is not affiliated with any other animal organization, rescue, or humane society and does not receive funding from tax dollars. Donations are the basis for all care provided to pets like Missy.

If you believe cats like Missy deserve the chance to live healthy, happy lives… please help share her story and consider donating now!