High Standards of Care

We strive to provide the highest standard of care possible for each animal during their stay with us. We routinely evaluate, treat and monitor the health condition of every animal in our shelter. Before being placed for adoption, each animal is spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, wormed, and brought up to date with vaccines and appropriate preventative care.

In many cases, we are able to provide exceptional levels of care that go “above and beyond” typical shelters to save an animal with special medical or behavior needs. Read our special stories about “Above and Beyond” care>>

Our compassionate staff and volunteers are always finding ways to provide extra socialization and enrichment to help keep our adoptable dogs and cats happy and healthy…

For Our Adoptable Dogs

Dog_Runs-wOur dogs enjoy spacious, indoor kennels and daily exerciseDogKennels-w in outdoor runs, walking trails, and a large fenced play yard where they can interact with staff, volunteers, and playgroups with other dogs.


For Our Adoptable Cats

Cage-free-area-wWe offer a variety of housing areas to help keep our adoptableCat-play cats happy and healthy including cozy, individual cages in a spacious, quiet room plus several “enrichment rooms” where staff and volunteers can socialize and exercise our cats and kittens to help prepare them for adoption.

In October 2010, we initiated a capital campaign to raise money to build an 800 square foot addition to the shelter for cage-free community cat rooms. Since opening the cage-free rooms in June 2012, many of our cats now live together in small groups where they enjoy the healthy benefits of free-roaming, relaxed spaces with plenty of natural light, outdoor views, and interaction with other cats, staff, volunteers, and adopters.

We invite you to call or visit our shelter during public hours to learn more about us. Contact Us>>