Hope for Anchovy

Like most kittens my age, I am SUPER CUTE and full of FUN, but I do have some challenges..

They call me little Anchovy. I may seem to be a normal, happy kitten, but there is something VERY DIFFERENT about me! Please watch my video and read my special story to be INSPIRED, then visit my Go Fund Me page and help me reach my goals!

Watch my video: Hope for Anchovy

Watch my video: 1st Progress Update

Watch my latest video: 2nd Progress Update

Visit my Go Fund Me page: Hope for Anchovy NOW

My story begins when I was about 8 weeks old and decided to go cruising around a gas station in Milford, Michigan. I admit, that was not the best place to be and not sure how I got there, but thankfully a kind man found me and realized I needed help. Clearly, there was something wrong with my back legs – they just didn’t work right.  I was scooting around using only my front legs and dragging my back legs behind me. So, he scooped me up and contacted the Humane Society of Livingston County (HSLC) to see if they could help.

Don’t be sad for me, be HOPEFUL! I am DETERMINED to be the BEST I can be!

The HSLC Medical Team took one look at me and knew I deserved a chance! (Whew) That sure was a lucky break for me! Everyone has been SO INSPIRED by my determination and JOYFUL SPIRIT ~ they want to do whatever it takes to help me live a normal life and grow up to be the BEST I can be! Some very kind people have opened up their hearts and generously donated their time and services to help diagnose my condition and have given me HOPE for improvement!

So, we put a plan into action that includes a series of acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, medications, physical therapy exercises, and other possible treatments to try to clear the pathway in my spine and gain more function in my legs and lower part of my body.

My DREAM is to find a loving, forever home! Please BELIEVE in me and give me that chance!

Don’t be sad for me, be HOPEFUL! I don’t consider myself totally “disabled” because I can use my back legs some, but I am a very active, young boy and found it is much easier and faster to get around if I just drag them along. I have learned to manage most things I want to do pretty well like play, run, and handle stairs but, it sure would be GREAT if I could use my litter box on my own without human help! So, that is one of my top goals right now!

I do have some real challenges to work on, but I’m up for it! You see, my ultimate DREAM is to find a loving, forever home!  Please help give me that chance!

I am up for the challenge and giving my very best to make this a success!

I have already started my treatments and everyone says I am INCREDIBLY cooperative and giving my very best to make this a success! But in order to continue with further treatments, diagnostics, and evaluations, my people need help with something called “funding” to cover costs.

So please, BELIEVE in me! Visit my GO FUND ME page and donate what your heart will allow.  You can also watch for updates and follow my JOURNEY of HOPE! Imagine the possibilities if we work together!

UPDATE November 5, 2017: Wow! In just 5 days, we have reached our initial fundraising goal of $1000 to cover my medical treatments! Thank you to the very generous donors and my dedicated Team of staff and volunteers who are helping to give me this chance! I have been working hard on my physical therapy exercises with my foster family and just completed my third acupuncture treatment. Lots of pins and wires, but Doc told me I was a real champ and that I am making progress! My will and love for life has always been strong and now, because of all your love and support, my back legs are getting stronger! Knowing I have so many people cheering for me makes me even more determined to succeed!

UPDATE November 10, 2017:

Hi Everyone, Little Anchovy here.  I am so excited to share my latest progress update with you!

Watch my 1st progress update video to see how good I am at physical therapy with my wonderful Foster Family!

I have been busy and working so very hard to follow my treatment plan. I take some medications, natural supplements, and go for acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic treatments. I just completed my 4th acupuncture treatment and Dr. Mary says she is seeing an improvement in my agility and ability to move my back legs!   This makes me SO HAPPY and gives me and my TEAM hope!

But, the BEST part of my treatment is doing this thing called “physical therapy” with my Foster Family every day at home to help my muscles get stronger.  It is fun for me and they are SO LOVING and patient to help me – just WATCHING THIS NEW VIDEO will put a BIG SMILE in your heart!

All your LOVE and SUPPORT helps keep me determined to succeed!

UPDATE December 3, 2017:

Hello Friends!  Anchovy here with an exciting update on my progress!  All the hard work with my wonderful TEAM is starting to pay off! I am showing more visible signs of improvement!  Take a look at my latest video to see my version of “Happy Feet” and share my story of hope.  Then visit my GO FUND ME page to read more details about my progress and Christmas wish!

UPDATE December 23, 2017:

Hi everyone! I am so excited to share some GREAT NEWS!  I have been ADOPTED into a PURR-fect home and family!  This was my Christmas wish and everyone is SO HAPPY – especially me! My new family and the HSLC Team is VERY committed to work together and continue helping me in my Journey of Hope to gain function of my legs and spine. We are continuing with my chiropractic and acupuncture treatments plus exercise therapy including something new and really cool…

I am SO HAPPY to find my PURR-fect home and loving family! This was my Christmas wish!

Thanks to all of you who supported me, Dr. Amy was able to order a special cart fitted just for me!  She says it will help me gain strength in my back legs so that I can build up my muscles.  I will use the cart a few hours a day as physical therapy and, hopefully, my legs will get strong enough to stand on them alone.  I will keep you updated on my progress and hope you will continue cheering for me!

Thank you to everyone who is cheering for me as I continue on my Journey of Hope…

Love, Anchovy






UPDATE January 28, 2018:

I LOVE my new family and they ADORE me too!

Hi everybody! You wouldn’t believe how busy I have been over the holidays!  My new family gave me a wonderful 1st Christmas with lots of love and I now have siblings: Luna Lovegood and Barty Crouch Jr. Check out our picture! Aren’t we all adorable? We love to play and snuggle together. My mom says I am happy and confident with a wonderful personality!

I am continuing to grow and making a little progress with my back legs everyday.  I continue to get acupuncture therapy every other week and am now able to bear weight on my back legs. I do move my back legs when I’m cruising around the house and continue to gain strength. My mom and I work on my physical therapy every day. My cart is still a challenge, but we continue to work on that, too.

As I promised all of you who have supported my Journey of Hope, I am working very hard to gain full use of my legs. But, you have helped fulfill my life’s BIGGEST HOPE: one of being loved and giving love!

Thank you and I love you all, Anchovy

PS – my family has given me the nickname of “Bon Chovy” because they think I’m a real rock star!

Thank you to EVERYONE who is helping to give me HOPE!

Read my full updates, watch my videos, and follow my progress:   https://www.gofundme.com/hope-for-anchovy-now