Humane Education


Creating awareness and sharing our values for humane treatment of animals and responsible pet ownership is an important part of our mission. We continually aim to reach beyond the walls of our shelter to educate the public on issues affecting companion pets.

Education Opportunities

We believe education is an excellent way to help eliminate animal over-population, abuse, and neglect. Our staff and volunteers provide educational sessions and shelter tours to school children, scout troops, and other groups plus reach out to the public through community organizations, the media, public service announcements, press releases, and local events. We also use our application for adoption as a means of educating potential pet owners about responsible pet ownership.

Throughout the year, we also share seasonal tips and special interest stories to help keep your pets safe and healthy.  Learn more about Pet Care Tips>>


Helpful Resources for Pet Owners

Our staff and volunteers want to do whatever we can to help prevent animals from being abandoned or ending up in a shelter.  We welcome every opportunity to share our knowledge and experience to help responsible pet owners keep their pets at home for as long as possible.

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