Logan’s Light Children’s Humane Education Program

 Logan’s Light program educates children about basic animal care and the nurturing principles of empathy and respect towards animals. We believe by doing so, children will gain the tools needed to become future responsible pet guardians.   
  • The Purpose of the program is to teach safe animal-child interaction through humane education.
  • The Goal of the program is to build a solid foundation for responsible pet guardianship.
Our program will expand by reaching out into the community and offering classes and activities. 

Help us launch and grow this program by 
donating now for much needed curriculum materials, supplies for activities, and teaching aids!  

 Please indicate under “Special Instructions” that this donation is to support our Education Fund. Thank You!

Would you like to notify Logan’s mom of your donation?  Email jnicholson@humane-livingston.org and a note will be sent acknowledging your donation.


Want to learn more about Logan and the inspiration for the program? Watch the video below.





We are teaming up with Terri Anderson-Berger, State Farm Agent, Novi Michigan to decrease dog bites in our community. Most dog bites are preventable. They are often the result of misunderstanding and miscommunication. If you have dogs or children or both, this class is for you! Did you know…

  • that any dog can bite? Between 2010 and 2012 almost 360,000 children between 1-14 yrs old were bitten in the US. Of that number known dogs, not strays, bit most.
• that dog bites accounted for one-third of all homeowners’ liability insurance claims?

Join us to learn more about keeping people and pets safe on Saturday, June 3, 2017 at 10am to 11am at the shelter.

Registration required. Email education@humane-livingston.org or call us at 517-552-8050. Most appropriate for ages 4-10 but everyone is welcome