Microchip: A Decision You Won’t Regret!

microchip-closeup-300x248The thought of your pet running away is certainly scary, but there’s one thing that can help ease your worries, and that’s micro chipping your pet. In fact, a microchip recently helped us connect a lost pet from Michigan with its owner in Kansas!

We offer microchip services to the public for only $20 at any of our scheduled clinics. A tiny chip is implanted into your dog or cat and contains pertinent owner information. With a quick scan of the chip, a vet or animal shelter can immediately tell who the owner is of the lost animal. Your pet’s information will be registered for the life of your pet. And, unlike some other microchip products, there is NO ANNUAL FEE or additional cost.

It is never too late (or too soon) to take this simple, low cost step to help identify your pet if ever lost… it is a decision you won’t regret!

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