My Name is Rosa. I am a Pit Bull and This is my Cinderella Story!

Rosa-300My name is Rosa, but more than likely I never even had a name before my new life.

I came from a very bad area and not in very good condition, but fortunately for me a very nice person who happened to be the Vet Tech here at the Humane Society found me. I was abandoned, tied to a pole, emaciated, wounded, scared and alone. She brought me to the Humane Society of Livingston County where my healing began.

I was very scared when I first got here because I didn’t know people could be good to me, but it didn’t take me long to realize they were here to help me. I loved them all and my true colors really started to show. I loved all the attention and affection I got from everybody. I even hugged people back when they would love on me, but for some reason no one wanted to adopt me. I was there for nine long months. Maybe it was because I was a Pit Bull, I don’t know for sure, but then my lucky day came.

My princess in shining armor finally came in one day as a new volunteer and I happened to be the first dog she took for a walk. It was LOVE at first sight. She could not get me out of her head and made sure she spent lots of time with me every time she came. Then one day she brought her prince in shining armor and he loved me too, and that’s how I got to be a little princess. THEY ADOPTED ME!!!!

Rosa-2smI love my new family and have shown them what a good girl I am. I never leave their sides, of course, why would I? I am sweet and gentle. I get to go on lots of adventures, like boat rides, vacations up north, lots of car rides and I have lots of four legged friends. I walk good on a leash and I am very smart and attentive. Sometimes I am still timid with men I don’t know too well, but I am working on that and getting better every day

So that is my Cinderella story. I hope I can shedRosa-3sm some light on the Pit Bulls plight to find homes and encourage people to give us the chance we deserve. After all, we are just homeless dogs like all the rest, deserving of a loving home and family.

Love and thanks to all of you,


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