New Surgical Unit!

We are so pleased to let you know that our new surgical unit of the vet room is now up and working The new space that expands into the vet room has been re-purposed from one of our former intake rooms for dogs. The funds were generously donated through an estate gift from Harry and Beth Lawrenz.

The new unit consists of heated tables allowing the animals to stay warm while surgery is being performed, anesthesia machines, new surgical lights, IV fluid pump and new monitors as seen on the right with vet tech Melissa Sanger and vet Dr. John.

It allows our vets to do STERILE procedures now. As one of our vets Dr. Amy explains, “It separates the prepping area from the surgery itself and also allows for animals to recover away from where surgery is going on physically. By being able to do surgery in a separate area from prepping, it allows for less potential of infection and better surgical practices to be established. It also allows multiple surgeries/surgeons to be doing surgery at the same time thereby increasing the numbers that can be done and lessens the time to do them.”