Our History

From Humble Beginnings

In 1970, a handful of concerned citizens led by May Walsh from Howell established the volunteer organization Give Animals a Break, with their main purpose to aid and place homeless cats and dogs in Livingston County into permanent, loving homes.

In 1977, this organization became known as the Humane Society of Livingston County functioning as volunteers fostering animals in their homes and doing mobile adoptions from various sites over the years.

A Permanent Home is Established

In 1996, a nearly five acre parcel of land was acquired in Genoa Township and in 1997, we acquired a donated house that was moved onto the parcel. After renovation in 1998, this became the first permanent home for the HSLC administrative offices and adoption center on weekends with volunteers still providing foster home care, lost and found, and other services.

For years, volunteers had been working toward opening a humane shelter for homeless cats and dogs. In 2000 this dream took a giant step toward reality when an anonymous donor gave the organization $500,000 designated for construction of a new shelter!

Then finally, in 2003, after an extensive planning and capital campaign, the construction and opening of our permanent shelter was completed enabling us to care for many more animals and provide a wider range of services to the community.

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