Princess Had Two Strikes Against Her, But We Knew She Deserved to be Saved!

Princess already had two strikes working against her when she came to us… first, she was disfigured afterPrincess the dog being hit by a car 4 years earlier and her leg had healed horribly wrong. Even walking was a burden for her. Secondly, at 10 years old, Princess was considered a SENIOR dog and finding adopters can often be more difficult. But, we knew Princess had never experienced the love she deserved, so we decided to do everything we could to save her!

Princess had sustained extensive injuries and her leg had healed in such an unnatural way that her only chance at a normal life would be obtained by amputating the injured leg. Our skilled vet staff flawlessly removed her leg at the hip joint, and for the first time in a long time…Princess was able to walk without pain!

Princess was a fighter and continued to amaze us every day as she recovered from her surgery. She quickly adapted to life with three legs better than imaginable. Princess is such an incredibly sweet dog who loves to cuddle and give kisses. She is great with children, and co-exists wonderfully with cats too! We knew she would soon find a loving family… and that is exactly what happened! Read Princess’ Happy Adoption Tail>>

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