Princess Has Gotten Even Sweeter Since Surgery

PrincessWe adopted Princess, a ten-year-old min pin, from the Humane Society in early September. We saw her video on Facebook and fell in love with the three-legged little girl. Her video showed a sweetness and spunk that we liked, and bringing her home was not a tough decision to make. She has only gotten sweeter and more loving in the month we have had her.

When we first brought her home, she was scared of our laminate floors. She would fall and drag herself around. We bought rugs and placed them around the house in paths for her to use from place to place. We purposely left small spaces that she would have to walk on the laminate for a step or two to get to the other rug. It took her a few weeks, but now she walks on the laminate without hesitation. She follows us around the house and stays in whatever room we are in. She sleeps in my sons bed and goes for car rides with us. Everyone who meets her loves her kisses and sweet personality.
A few weeks after we adopted her, a lump on her chest started leaking whenever we picked her up or put pressure on it. We took her to the vet and he told us she had mammary cancer. He took lung x rays to see if the cancer had spread. The lungs looked hazy and damaged – the vet said she probably lived with a smoker her entire life. He was unsure whether or not she would survive the surgery to have the lump removed. The good news was she had recently survived having her leg amputated and being spayed, so that was in her favor. More good news – the lungs did not show any signs of cancer.

We consulted with the Humane Society of Livingston County. They agreed to remove the lump from her chest and two others on her body. She had surgery last week and survived! I just got results from the vet; the two other lumps on her body were not cancerous so hopefully it has not spread from her mammary tumor!

Since her surgery, Princess has become even sweeter and more loving. She gets so excited when we come near her to pet her. She gives kisses and nudges our hand for petting her head. Princess may be ten, but now we can expect her to live another six or so years cancer-free thanks to the Humane Society’s generosity.

Jennifer Reno

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