Remote Sign-Up

The shelter has recently begun using a remote sign up for volunteers to enter the time of the day and week they will be volunteering for certain roles. Some of you have been sent the password and link to sign up from your home computer. We are now making the link available on our website on the How You Can Help-Volunteer Program-Current Volunteers page. For those of you who are active volunteers (have volunteered sometime in the last six months) and have either taken cat socialization or dog training, we ask that you use the link to identify an opening for a role you have been trained in and sign up for a slot by going to this link on the website. You may sign up for time slots up to two months out on the schedule.

If you are an active volunteer and do not have a password, please go to the Volunteer Program page on the site and then to the Current Volunteers tab. Type in your email address which is your user name and then click on “forget password?” You will be sent a link to your email to establish a password.

Once you are in the system, called the Volunteer Information Center or VicNet, go to the ”My Schedule” tab. Once clicked, you will see Sign-Up! Click on the dropdown menu “Show Openings” and find the role you will be signing up for. Select the day on the calendar if there is a Help Me graphic on it and click. Find the time you are interested in and click on the Schedule Me button.

Additionally, you may use VicNet to update your personal information by going to the “My Profile” tab or to “Account” to change your password.