Spay-Neuter Services

Why Spay or Neuter Your Pet

Pet overpopulation in Livingston County continues to rise and unfortunately, there is not enough space available to house all of these pets. Cats and dogs have the unique ability to reproduce several times a year. They can go into heat as early as 5 months of age – sometimes earlier, and they can have litters several times a year. That is why there is an endless cycle of homeless animals.

Your pet is one of the lucky ones-it has a home! By neutering or spaying your family pet you can actively help solve the problem of overpopulation AND help keep your pet healthy. The only way to solve this problem is one pet at a time and, if each of us does our part, we can be successful. It’s never too late to spay or neuter your pet!


  • Reduces the urge to wander, thus reducing the chance of becoming lost, getting hit by a car, or getting into a fight.
  • Reduces indiscriminate urination (spraying or marking their territory) .
  • Reduces aggression towards other pets and people, thus saving you potential troublesome encounters with neighbors and acquaintances.
  • For females — it helps reduce uterine infections and breast cancer, both which jeopardize your pet’s life and are expensive to treat — far more than the initial cost to spay your pet.
  • For males — it helps reduce prostate and testicular cancers, along with urinary tract problems that may not be reversible. Again, these jeopardize your pet’s life and are expensive to treat — far more than the initial cost to neuter your pet.
  • In Livingston County and in many others, your license fee will be significantly less for a neutered or spayed dog than for a dog that is not altered.

Our policy is that ALL animals are spayed or neutered before leaving our shelter as part of the standard medical care included with every adoption – NO EXCEPTIONS. However, due to limited resources, we are not able to offer spay/neuter services to the public in our clinic.

all_about_animals.1We DO offer this LOW COST option to the public for spay / neuter services through a partnership with All About Animals Rescue!

  • Cat spay/neuter $40.
  • Dog spay/neuter $80.
  • Licensed veterinarians perform all surgeries.
  • Watch for additional special pricing and promotions throughout the year.

Mobile Surgery Van: On selected dates from April through November, All About Animals Rescue brings their state of the art Mobile Surgery Van to our shelter on Dorr Road to provide spay/neuter surgeries.

Transport Service: They also offer transport service from our shelter to their clinic on selected dates. Your pet will be picked up at our shelter, transported to their clinic for surgery, and then returned to you at our shelter the next day.

Call All About Animals Rescue directly to make an appointment 586-879-1745 or check their web site for current locations and schedule>>

We encourage all pet owners to consult with your veterinarian to determine the best option for you and your pet.