Surrendering a Pet

The Humane Society of Livingston County is a place of help, hope and infinite possibilities. Should you or anyone you know ever find yourself in the very difficult situation of having to surrender a pet, we hope you will turn to us. Our staff and volunteers appreciate this is a very hard time for you and your family. We are a compassionate resource community service, willing and able to help you in any way that we can, within our scope of practice including the following:

  • We are a LIMITED ADMISSIONS, non-profit shelter. We do not euthanize for duration of stay or for cage space but this means that we cannot accept same day dropped-off pets as we need to ensure space is available for your pet for as long as it takes to find a home.
  • Our goal is to respond to all initial “requests for help” within the first 24-48 hours. This means we will contact you in that time frame to learn more about you and your pet’s situation.
  • We REQUIRE AN APPOINTMENT the day you bring your animal in before surrendering your animal so we can expect you and you know what to expect.

At the appointment, we will interview you and have you fill out an information report on your pet to give us a good idea of your animal’s true personality in the home versus how it will be in the shelter since the shelter environment can be stressful. This will help us in providing the best care and permanent home for your pet. At the appointment you will need to bring:

  • Copies of your animals’ veterinary history
  • Valid drivers license of identification
  • Payment of a surrender fee of $50.00 (outside of Livingston County fee is $75)
  • Your animal (dogs and cats only)

We receive multiple requests daily via phone and others arrive at our doorstep in panic mode.  Please know that we want to help you; however, help may not necessarily be leaving your animal with us that day.  With advance notice, we can work together to determine what is the best solution for your pet. For instance, it may be a more appropriate solution for us to share your request with our approved rescue networks or find a foster program that suits your pet’s needs better.

Important to know:  HSLC is not affiliated with The Livingston County Animal Control on Highlander Way, in Howell which receives government funding and is primarily focused on stray animal intake. HSLC is entirely funded by donations and our own fundraising efforts and provides an important service to our community by taking in scheduled owner-surrender animals.  However, if you do find a stray, during a time when Animal Control is closed or when they have confirmed with you they are not able to accept a stray, please call us to see how we may be able to support you.