Tell Us…Are These Sad or Happy Tails?

Some may consider this neglect, others would call it abuse. But, any animal lover finds it hard to understand why someone responsible for a pet could allow things like this to happen. Unfortunately, we see cases like this too often. Thankfully, because of support from our generous donors, we are able to provide the extra, often life-saving care that abused and neglected animals like Bronson and Andy deserve.

Bronson’s Story

Bronson-webBronson was just a young German Shepherd pup, not even a year old,bronson-web1 when he was abandoned after hours at our shelter with this chain collar embedded into his neck! Likely, he had simply out grown his puppy size collar and, after being neglected, it became impossible to remove causing pain and severe infection that required medical treatment under anesthesia.

After receving the proper medical care and a little extra TLC at our shelter, Bronson quickly recovered and showed us the beautiful, now grateful, good boy he had always been!

Andy’s Story

Andy-before-1-webAndy-after-webUnderneath this pile of fur, is a sweet, young Yorkshire Terrier who had just about given up on finding someone to rescue him from a life of misery and neglect. Little Andy was found on the roadside in winter cold, hungry, timid, and very frightened. His fur was severely matted, filthy, and overgrown. He had infections in both ears and nails that had probably never been trimmed making it difficult and painful for him to stand or walk.

Thankfully, Andy was found in time and brought to our shelter by someone who knew we would do our best to save him! This little guy now knows the love and care he deserves!

Help Us Help Them

Most animals do not come to us in such desperate need as Andy and Bronson, but you can feel good knowing there is a place in our community where people who care work together to truly make a difference for every homeless pet! Your support enables us to provide the high standards of medical treatment and tender loving care needed to restore the health and well-being of each animal that enters our shelter. We then work very hard to educate and carefully qualify adopters to help ensure each pet finds the best possible, permanent, loving home.

We hope you’ll think of our shelter as a happy place for adoptions and our mission as critical to overcome the sad realities for many pets in our community. Learn how you can help>>

UPDATE: We are happy to report that both Bronson and Andy have been given a new start and adopted into loving homes! We love to get updates about our adopted pets! Please send us your photos and happy tail stories to