Thanks to one Special Eagle Scout, our Dogs get a Workout With our New Agility Course!

Our dogs now have the opportunity to play and perform Mike-Robinson-eagle-scout.-300on an agility course, thanks to the hard work of 17-year-old Mike Robinson who built the course as his Eagle Scout project.

Mike joined the scouts in 2010 and moved through the ranks until he arrived at the highest level – the Eagle Scout. Faced with a project to secure his medal, Mike was drawn to our shelter as his family had adopted animals from us in the past. He came in to speak with staff, who gave him the idea of an agility course.  He agreed.

The project was not without challenges. With a fundraising plan that was not working out and a mentor that disappeared part-way through the project, Mike persevered. After increasing his requests for donations and by asking a local hardware company to discount the materials by 50%,  he was finally able to begin turning his project into a reality.

Mike learned a great deal about time management, as he could only build using other scouts and their families for assistance.  Trying to schedule times where a variety of families were involved presented a challenge, but his perseverance won out and it was finally built.agility-course2

As he scheduled the date, he confessed his one regret was not being able to acquire material to make a “tunnel” for the dogs.  Fortunately, HSLC Board President, Joe Miskovich, owns a business that uses the tubing material.  He readily donated the “tunnel” to the Scout project, and it was installed with the rest of the obstacles.

Mike stated he learned a lot about overcoming obstacles and challenges during the nearly 2-year project, and learned that perseverance was the key to success. Mike’s mom told us that he spent a lot of time considering the details of the materials, thinking about what something would feel like to a dog, how to alter plans to increase safety to the dog – even if a certain color would be better for a dog than another.

We certainly scored big through this young man’s determination and persistence.  Our canine guests now get to take turns playing on the Scout’s gift to them. Mike Robinson is one our best fur-iends!