The Face of FIV

Sweet Sugar! The face of FIV+

What do you see when you look at this face?

We see a sweet, innocent, loving feline!  Sugar is all that and much more! She is an active, playful, family and feline friendly cat who is highly adoptable, yet, sadly many people and other shelters will turn away or euthanize a cat like Sugar when they learn she tested positive for FIV.

A cat who has tested positive for the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) has a compromised immune system caused by a virus so the cat may not be as resistant to other types of feline illness.

We believe education is the key to overcoming any fear or hesitation that will enable every animal to enjoy the best possible life. A simple blood test is used to determine if a cat is FIV positive or not.  If a test comes back positive, a second, confirmatory blood test will be sent out to the lab. All of our cats are tested and results are disclosed when they become available for adoption.


A few more important facts to know…

  • FIV is NOT contagious to humans or other animal species
  • Cats may only potentially transfer the virus to another cat through a bite that draws blood. The virus is NOT spread between cats by casual contact like grooming or sharing food and water.
  • An FIV+ cat who is provided with a healthy diet and minimal stress or exposure to other types of feline illness should be able to live a happy, normal life in a loving home!

Join us in taking a POSITIVE stand for cats who are FIV POSITIVE!   Learn more. Share the knowledge. Help these wonderful cats find the loving home they each deserve!

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HAPPY ADOPTION UPDATE:  Sugar found her very special, loving home!