These Girls May be Little but They Have BIG hearts!-Rylynn

Meet RyLynn (6) and Reagan Buswell (4). Both girls really love animals, so RyLynn, with her little sister and helper, Reagan, decided to do something to help homeless animals who don’t have families of their own. She set up a table at the end of her driveway, prepared delicious doggie treats and offered them to the neighborhood dogs for a small donation from their “people”.

The fundraiser was a hit! The Buswell’s neighbors (and their dogs) showed their support and RyLynn was able to raise $100 which she donated to the Humane Society of Livingston County! We are SO GRATEFUL!

THANK YOU girls! Your generosity and compassion will help provide healthy food, safe and clean shelter, and needed medical care to many animals in need, like Anya (dog) and Pork Chop and Applesauce (cats), who loved meeting you!