Through This Young Lady’s Research, Buddy Found a Great Fur-ever Home!

lauren12 year-old Lauren knew she wanted a cat with all her heart but she also knew that the best way to convince her family was not by constant begging, but to develop a well-researched plan. Mother Cindi set the stage by talking with her about the importance of responsible pet ownership. So Lauren started by studying up on cats, cat care, types of cats and put together a 10 page book to make a pitch to her family. With their consent, they visited four shelters including ours where Lauren took the time with each of the cats and kittens and then made up a spreadsheet with features of each cat. The “winner” was a little kitten that she named Buddy from our shelter, and Lauren even used her own money that she had saved for the adoption!

We are SO happy and thrilled that Lauren readily understood the decision to adopt an animal is a forever and permanent decision that impacts all family members. At her young age, she grasped that the adoption was one not to be taken lightly nor spontaneously. With Lauren’s thoughtful, mindful decision-process, no doubt Buddy will be loved and cared for life and that is why we call Lauren our “Super Hero!”