Tribute to our Beloved Bonnie

Bonnie came to us in 2007. Like so many of our shelter cats, she was dropped off with only a note telling us… her name is Bonnie, she is 12 years old, please take good care of her. Perhaps her owner was unable to care for her and did not know how to ask for help. Thankfully, we were able to help. Bonnie had some urgent health issues, so our medical team provided the care she needed and then one of our dedicated staff members took her home to foster until she recovered and could return to the shelter for adoption. But, Bonnie never did get adopted into a home…

Bonnie quickly charmed her way into the hearts of our staff and made herself QUITE at home as one of our permanent, resident office cats. In fact, Bonnie was so confident and competent, she was greeting visitors, supervising the other office cats, and running the place in no time!

During the day, Bonnie would camp out in our management office overseeing the daily operations and patrolling the lobby. Over the past 10 years, she learned first-hand about the challenges of running a shelter from the many phone calls, emails, and people coming to our door asking us for help each day. Bonnie became a trusted companion to share our thoughts and provide inspiration to remind us why we show up for work each day. In return, she only asked for a cozy place to take a nap, a clean litter box, and, of course, helping herself to our lunch!

Bonnie was SO full of purr-sonality! She was curious, sweet, and loving and made friends easily – both human and feline. She also had plenty of cat-titude and was not shy about speaking up for what she needed or believed in! Bonnie was the purr-fect mascot for our Campaign for Cats to raise funding to build our cage-free cat rooms in 2012! She has seen a lot of changes and improvements in her 10 years at our shelter. We are committed to honor her memory by continuing to create awareness and reach out in the community to develop programs to care for and prevent homeless cats in our community.

Our Bon passed over the rainbow bridge peacefully on March 17, 2017 surrounded by many of us who loved her dearly. We celebrate Bonnie’s rich, long life of 22 years and are grateful for the 10 years we have been blessed to share with her. For those who knew her well, she represents the heart and spirit of what it takes to face the challenges and embrace the joys of running our shelter day after day after day… a compassionate heart, endless love, a little spunk, and knowing when to take a good nap!

God bless Bonnie and all who care for our homeless pets every day.