Volunteer’s Stitches Improve our Cats’ Lives

cat-quitHave you ever walked into one of the cat rooms and seen one of our little kitties snuggled up in a quilt? Cat quilts or comforters, not only  make the cage a more comfortable place to be and ease the stress for our homeless cats, but they also can help to increase an animal’s chances of adoption allowing potential adopters to more easily see the animals as part of their homes and lives. We are very fortunate to have Karen Wicker, one of our most special volunteers, lovingly sew each one.

Karen started making the quilts back in 2002 for an animal rescue group. Her quilt group would receive extra fabric and sort through the pieces, keep the fabric that would be best for their quilts and throw away the rest. This waste of perfectly good fabric bothered Karen and after one meeting later that night she went back to the garbage receptacle and went “dumpster diving” to retrieve the discarded fabrics. That is when she started making the quilts for the rescue group. Karen’s friend who brought the quilts to the rescue moved out of town and so she lost her connection to the rescue group. A few months later in 2004 she received our newsletter asking for blankets for the cats. That is when we first became the grateful recipient of her years of unending contributions of comforters to help improve our kitties’ lives.

It takes Karen about two hours to sew the tops of each quilt and then a little longer to finish them up. She usually makes about six to twelve a week or more during the winter months. Most days you can find her at her sewing machine. As her grandson told her “it keeps you off the streets “.  Karen had a cat for 22 years who recently passed away. She currently has one “grand cat” that she watches over for her granddaughter. She derives a lot of satisfaction knowing that she can bring these animals some comfort and warmth while they are waiting to find a new home. Thank you for all the years of your handiwork, Karen!