Ways You Can Help

Woman with dachshundBecause of your donations, the many homeless animals that enter our shelter every year are given a second chance to find their forever home. Without your generosity, we could not provide direct care for over 900 animals each year plus help hundreds more throughout the community.

We are a private, independent, non-profit 501(c) 3 organization which means your donations are tax deductible. We do not receive any federal or state government funding and are not affiliated with any other animal shelter or humane society for financial support.

Your donations provide essentials for day-to-day operations to keep the animals in our care warm, safe, and healthy as we work to find a loving home for each of them. Every donation, no matter the size, is greatly appreciated!

Donate Now!

Donate By Mail

Send your check or money order to:

Humane Society of Livingston County
2464 Dorr Road
Howell, Michigan 48843


Donate At Our Shelter

Donate by cash, check, or credit card at our shelter during normal business hours.


United Way Donations

You can designate the HSLC as the recipient of your United Way donations. For more information, contact your local United Way Foundation.


Employer Matching Gift Programs

Many employers offer “matching gift programs” and will contribute additional money as an incentive to encourage their employees to donate money or volunteer time to charitable organizations. Check with your employer to find out if they participate in this type of program.

Memorials and Honorariums

Monetary gifts can be made in any amount and designated “In Honor Of” or “In Memory Of” a beloved pet or special person.  We will send a special card acknowledging your gift to the person you specify. Your gift will not only honor a friend or loved one, but will help the many homeless animals served by the Humane Society of Livingston County. For more information, contact us or print and mail this Donation Form with your check or credit card information.

Establish a Planned Giving Program



You can find comfort in saving lives, helping homeless animals, and leaving a lasting legacy when you establish a personal, planned giving program to benefit our shelter. Planned giving programs often result in larger gifts than would otherwise be possible to help us sustain operations during lean years and plan realistically for the future.

Remember, no gift is too small — even a modest investment or contribution can provide a steady income to help pay for daily operations or new initiatives that assure unwanted animals continue to have a second chance to be adopted into loving and caring homes!

There are many ways to make a charitable gift to achieve your personal objectives. Perhaps you are looking for an opportunity to establish a living memorial for yourself or someone special to you. Some methods also offer financial benefits including tax reduction or even lifetime income from a gift.

We have listed a few types of charitable planned gifts below. Please consult with your financial advisor to consider the methods of giving that are most appropriate for you. To discuss planned giving options to help our shelter, contact our Director of Community Engagement by phone 517-552-8050 during shelter business hours.



BEQUESTS: You may include a provision in your will or living trust to make a bequest to a charitable organization in the form of cash, securities, real estate, personal property, or as a percentage of the estate. If you currently have a will, you can make arrangements to add a gift through a will codicil.

GIFT ANNUITY: This is a deferred gift instrument popular with many donors because it is relatively simple to establish and represents a lifetime contract between the donor and a charity. Simply, it is an irrevocable transfer of cash appreciated property to the Humane Society of Livingston County and, in return, the donor receives a guaranteed lifetime annuity of a fixed amount each year.

CHARITABLE TRUSTS: You might want to establish a charitable trust that could provide income to the donor (or someone else) for a period of time (often for life). After this gift deferral period, the trust would mature and the remaining assets would go to one or more charitable beneficiaries.

APPRECIATED PROPERTY: This is a gift of securities, real or personal property, held long term which has increased in value since the date of acquisition, given outright to Humane Society of Livingston County or as the funding asset for a lifetime income plan.

LIFE INSURANCE: You may wish to name the Humane Society of Livingston County as the beneficiary of an existing policy which is no longer needed for the donor’s original purpose, or to purchase a new policy making the Humane Society of Livingston County the owner or beneficiary.

Join Us for Fundraising Events

We host several fundraising events throughout the year. Check our web site for the latest Events and be sure to Join Our Email List or Follow Us on Facebook to receive notices about upcoming events! Learn more>>



Volunteers are invaluable to our shelter operations, whether it’s in the capacity of walking dogs, socializing cats, assisting with office work, working at fundraising events or serving on our Board of Directors. And, we always need volunteers! If you would like to make a difference improving the lives of animals by giving a gift of your time and talents, consider joining us! Learn more>>


Partner With Us

If you manage a business or are influential in other organizations, consider partnering with us to support our mission. We have several events each year offering advertising opportunities through corporate sponsorship. We welcome your ideas on ways we can work together to benefit your business and build community involvement to support for our mission. Contact Us>>


Organize an Event

Get creative! Involve your kids! Here are just a few ideas…

  • Hold a supply drive using our Wish List
  • Have Garage Sale, Bake Sale, Car Wash or other event to help the HSLC
  • Solicit pledges for a bowling, walking, running, swimming, or biking event
  • Hold an Art Benefit (showcase artwork by local artists or children)
  • Have a Birthday party in honor of the homeless animals (gifts could be donations of supplies or money)
  • Throw a “Shower” to help the new kittens and puppies in the shelter (gifts could be donations of supplies or money)
  • Have a can and bottle drive (Cans for Critters!)

Contact us to schedule a group tour. This includes a short educational session and a chance to see the adoptable animals.



“Thank you so much for letting our troop come to the HSLC. It was a first-time visit for many of us and we have a greater appreciation for what it takes to care for the many animals who find their way to you.”
Girl Scout Troop 460


Be An Advocate

Every effort, no matter how small, can make a difference in the lives of your pets and our community!Moto the dog revised

  • Spay or neuter your pets. Then, talk to your friends, neighbors and family about spaying or neutering their pets.
  • Keep your pets up to date on their vaccinations.
  • Educate your children about proper pet care.
  • Create a presentation for a group of students or community members about our shelter and the importance of our mission.
  • Keep an identification tag on your pet and take pictures to be used if they ever get lost.
  • Never leave your pet in a car on a HOT or COLD day.
  • Clean up your antifreeze puddles–it’s poison.
  • Don’t let your pet ride loose in the back of a pickup truck.
  • Always have your dog on a leash.
  • Prevent dog bites–ask before you or your child pets an unknown animal.
  • Leave wild animals in the wild.
  • Call your local Animal Control Department if you see a case of animal cruelty or neglect.
  • Stop if you see an animal hit by a car or needing emergency help — in Livingston County, call 911.
  • Treat your pets like family and tell them you love them every day!