Play Yard Renovation Raffle Fundraiser-Partnering With Rottermond Jewelers

Help our dogs enjoy the great outdoors by helping us reach our goal to raise $6,000 for a much needed renovation of the outside dog kennel runs and play area, allowing the dogs to de-stress from shelter life. Rottermond Jewelers has donated 3 Shinola watch prizes for a raffle drawing to raise the funds as well as donating 10% from their Dog Fever  jewelry collection sales!
Purchase your raffle tickets on-line here and they will be mailed directly to you. Or stop by the shelter or the Brighton or Milford Rottermond stores to purchase.  Great odds for you to WIN­!

 Our kennel runs currently share a cyclone fencing wall which is often stressful for dogs who are unfamiliar with one another.  To address this issue, we plan to add a visual/physical barrier to the cyclone fencing. We found an economical and effective solution via vinyl fencing slats that will allow wind to filter while providing a 4 foot visual/barrier between dogs. This will minimize the stress for the dogs and create a safe place for them to exercise, potty, and rest in the sunshine.   We also plan to top the kennel runs with cyclone fencing to prevent dogs from jumping over (yes, they actually do this!).  We can weave that same vinyl slating into the cyclone toppers to provide much need shade on sunny days and protect the dogs from inclement weather.

We are accepting donations also.

Thank you GMC Champion Automotive for your generous donation!