Zeeland has stolen our hearts!

Zeeland_smallrev1Just thought I would send you some photos of Zeeland who we adopted at the Detroit Zoo Event. I think the pictures speak for themselves, he is settling in very nicely (looks cozy I think) and “his girl” is in love with him! (Yes we are suckers who allow dogs on the beds and couches).

He has ¾ of an acre to run and he loves it all, he has    Zeeland_Happy_Tailcovered a lot of ground chasing bugs and birds, it’s funny to watch! We have also discovered that he loves the water, since we live on the water he is swimming and retrieving every day! Truthfully it’s the only way to tire him out! Within the last few days we have also taught him to fetch, come, sit, laydown and shake, he is a smarty.

He has stolen our hearts (even though he is a digger which we are working on, lol) he has us hooked and he continues to work on his relationship with our other male dog Louie, they aren’t really playing together just yet but our Louie is still reminding Zee that he is in charge of “his people”, in a nice way. One of the pictures included is of Louie and Zee sleeping together on the couch.

We are glad we made one last walk around the tents because we literally saw him on our way out!

Thanks for everything!
Susan M.