Zeus is One Lucky Guy!

Zeus and owner-smallerVolunteers from the shelter sometimes travel to high-kill facilities to see if there are any dogs there who could be brought back to our shelter for a better chance at adoption. This time, they discovered a very sad situation where our volunteers stepped up to make a difference and found an injured dog a loving home.

Six dogs were chained in a backyard, with no food, shelter or water. A nine-month old puppy was brought back to the Humane Society of Livingston County, who had an embedded prong collar in his neck – that had likely been there his entire life. Even after everything the dogs had been through, they were loving and affectionate. After being at the shelter and receiving medical care,  Zeus was nursed back to health. In a happy twist of fate, the police officer who seized the dogs from the backyard was interested in adopting the puppy. Now known as Chase, he’s living a great life in his new loving home!